The ABCD(Anybody Can Draw ) Sunday session is back !


ABCD – Anybody Can Draw 

Pick your drawing kit & join us for a live & energetic session to stimulate the artist in you !

Our 37th session will be held at cubbon park on this Sunday by 10am -2pm .

We will be PACed with #liveportraitstudy & #stilllifestudy, come and join us if you are around in Bangalore !

We will be happy to have you and our team mates & faculties will be glad to assist you.

make a better weekend with PencilAndChai  Finearts Gurukul .

RSVP: Rakesh :+91 90 19 891407

Anup : +91 74 06 800700



  1. Kamalakar Doijode 2 years ago

    Hi Team – I am interested in painting with Watercolors medium. I am interested to attend your next session on water colors.

    • Author
      Pencil Ad Chai 2 years ago

      Thanks for your interest, Please join us by 10:30am tomorrow. Location is behind the Central Library, Cubbon park. Do call us if there any help required on directions.
      _Team PAC

  2. shakthi Prasad 4 months ago

    Hi I would like to join for pencil sketching on weekends. kindly let me know the procedure

    • Anup K 4 months ago

      We have mailed you the details. Thanks

  3. neelufar 4 months ago

    Want to know more details

    • Anup K 4 months ago

      We have mailed you the details. Thanks

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