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Weekend Art Classes .  Realistic Sketching & Painting  Classes.  Life Sketching  Classes

Unique Fine Arts Education 

Weekend Art Classes . Realistic Sketching & Painting  Classes. Life Sketching  Classes

The greatest number of Art Institutes in Bangaluru, are the brains who believe in enlightening art with the boundaries of a room. We strongly believe that beauty of art cannot be juxtaposed with plaguing the photographs nor digitally attained. It is the connection between the heart of the observer and the nature; it is simply the portrayal of one’s emotions with colors and pencils. Pencil And Chai – Fine Arts Gurukul, a realistic art learning  platform of Coloring India Foundation, offer you a new world to explore your interest in Fine Arts. We stand strong as a unique and realistic art education firm for past four years still on the run to finish more.

Our invention, of entirely new weekend art classes, has motivated hundreds and is still inspiring many irrespective of their age, occupation and excellence.

Unique Learning

We have replaced the classroom styled learning into Gurukul learning; the realistic art study, we call it Fine Arts Gurukul. What are you waiting for? Grab your tools and paint the world #ConnectYourDots.

Structured Classes

Fine Arts Gurukul brings you the most refined method of learning art mentored by eminent artist. Experience the most exceptional, most enlightening and most beneficial learning.

Over Weekends

We commence the realistic weekend art classes in order to keep you undisturbed from week day tranquility. Follow your heart, start sketching today & we are here to help you.

Step out for an extraordinary day, have a Chai Chat with us! 

Together everyone achieves more and thus we bring to you CHAICHAT (Art Discussion), a whole new world of art discussions over on weekend art classes to improve your art skills. Pencil And Chai assures that you learn to the fullest not only from our Gurus but also from each other, for we believe knowledge is nurtured the best when shared.

Inspire An Artist in You!

Haven’t drawn a single line ever yet the heart standsstrong to be an artist? We welcome you, as we have hunted down the mostexperienced and skilled artist to not only motivate you but also to teach youthe basics of every aspect of art. With determination, consistency and practicewe assure you the results within a few classes.

We strictly follow the modules negotiated by the mostrenowned artists for the best learning and refining the artist in you. During the 6 months our experts would drive you on an art journey, a journey beginningwith the basics and improving the skills giving you confidence to face the nextlevel of art.

If you are a person housed to be a sketcher and painter and unfortunately couldn’t pursue further,and are looking to fine tune the artist within and get back into the habit,then this is what you need.

If your fundamentals are all smooth then you are free to take a leap directly into the advanced session where you will have the hands on experience on the painting medium irrespective of them being acrylic or watercolor.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and walk into our next session.

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