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[blockquote style=”style-1″ icon=”none”]Pencil and Chai, yet another forum, but not just any other[/blockquote]


A school of art that started out as a seed of thought under the umbrella of Coloring India is now growing into a seedling.

Not just a helping hand to aspiring artists, Pencil and Chai is a community where everyone learns from each other.

With weekend outdoor classes organized by the team of  PAC SOA, learn techniques, share your ideas and work on your skills. Keep up with the assignments and deadlines and compete with the artist that you are.

Over the weekdays, catch up on a daily dose of tutorials from the experts on PENCIL TUTS, a series of easy-to-learn lessons ranging from perspective drawings to landscape drawing to portraits and other tips and tricks through the medium of online videos.



Care to make PAC your cup of tea? Contact us.


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