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Fine arts school – Pencil And Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

A Fine Arts School that started out as a seed of thought under the umbrella of Coloring India Foundation is now growing into a seedling. Not just a helping hand to aspiring artists, Pencil and Chai is a community where everyone learns from each other.We provide the best structured & unique fine arts classes in Bangalore, learn from the most experienced artists & learn from each other!

With weekend outdoor sketching classes organized by the team of  Pencil & Chai Fine Arts School, learn techniques, share your ideas and work on your skills. Keep up with the assignments and deadlines and compete with the artist that you are.

Over the weekdays, catch up on a daily dose of tutorials from the experts on PENCIL TUTS, a series of easy-to-learn lessons ranging from perspective drawings to landscape drawing to portraits and other tips and tricks through the medium of online videos.

Are you looking an artistic modulation which can refresh your right brain skills on weekends? Then you should defiantly visit Pencil And Chai Fine Arts School ‘s sessions, which is happening all regular weekend in Bangalore.

What makes our art classes different?

Flexible Joining

We don’t have any specific start day. Our courses are flexible, once you sign up for a course with us, you can choose any day you prefer that is scheduled for that class level.

Teaching a variety of techniques

Our art classes are designed for anyone who wants to develop and improve their drawing and painting skills. We cover techniques such as portraiture, landscape drawing, watercolor painting and acrylic painting.

Teachers have a strong art background

All of our tutors have graduated from world leading art colleges have over 18 years of experience, they have the strong academic background and our teachers exhibit their work internationally, and have appeared in various publications and programs.

Individually tailored advice

We are the only the center in Bangalore that the teachers will demonstrate step by step painting and drawing techniques. This allows students to improve fast.

Small group

We limit the size of our classes, and each class only holds 10 to 15 students. This allows our teachers to work closely with each student and provide guidance individually. Each student will be focusing on subjects that are suitable for their skill level and interest.

You can learn a variety of the mediums

We teach a variety of mediums, such as Pencil Drawing, oil painting, watercolor, Acrylic, Charcoal, etc.

Crowd Learning

When you sign up for a block of courses, you are entering to a community which shares the knowledge each other and make sure you are learning fast, Our Chai chat sessions are specially tailored for it.


We hold special workshops that allow our students to have the opportunity to draw and paint outdoors under the professional guidance from our teacher.

Regular art events

We often organize art events regularly in and around Banglore. We hold events such as  Coffee With Artisto where students are invited to participate for free of charge.

Students’ work will be exhibited in the galleries or our website

We also arrange annual exhibitions in Bangalore galleries for our students. During these exhibitions, we will have an opening night inviting friends, quests, media, and private collectors. We will also promote our students’ work at our online gallery.

Located in central Bangalore.

We are located centrally and conveniently. Since we take outdoor classes this will be a relaxing environment for our students. Outdoors Gurukul allows ideas and creativity to flow, and for the students to express themselves.

Who should join?

Pencil & Chai Fine Arts School‘s classes are best for the working class people who are having off days on weekend and students who are looking for a weekend fine arts classes which can improve their skills.

Care to make PAC your cup of tea?

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