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Inspiring an Artist in You!

Pencil And Chai Fine Arts Gurukul that emerged as an idea March 3rd, 2013 under the roof of Coloring India Foundation which was structured into a world of the artist, our world is still soaring high.

Pencil And Chai is a community where art seeks a connection not only within the artist but also with each other. We provide the best curriculum with unique commencing of fine art classes, which a close curriculum of Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Bangalore, a place where experienced teachers and experiences speak. and this format is very effective if you follow the instructions

With the indoor weekdays painting classes and outdoor (Pleinair) weekend pencil Sketching & painting Classes, organized by Pencil And Chai Fine Arts Gurukul, learn techniques, refine your skills and exchange your ideas. Bring out the artist in you by regularity and completion of assignments; we are strong believers of professionalism.

Spice up your learning with the digital way of easy-to-learn lessons exclusively for art maniacs through PencilTuts, a daily dose of tutorials from the experts. Learn the lessons ranging from perspective drawing, landscape drawing to portraits along with tricks and techniques through the videos available online

Do you want a break from the boring regular concrete building and want to refresh your brain skills during the weekends? Pencil And Chai the definite solution, happening every regular weekend in Bangalore.

And we do have weekdays classes which are curated for those who are free on weekdays. So don’t stop; pursue your passion

Well, are you pursuing your BFA, animation, architecture or any design courses? Then our Sampratishta will help you build your foundation. It’s strong and effective.

Keep connect us your favorite social media channels by searching Pencil And Chai; Inspiring and artist in you since 2013

Let’s learn structured Fine Arts together!

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your creative world grow.


Pencil And Chai is to Deliver the structured Fine Arts Education in the most beneficial way to the art lovers. Money is not we look for but the craving for art within oneself and thus we offer the least expensive Art Education with highly experienced mentors and quality sessions than any other Art School in India.


We communicate the language of art amongst people; connecting dots with us will connect you with nature because we are worshippers of Art. We are passionate about delivering the knowledge of art to the aspirants and excel as the days pass by.

Position in Bangalore

Inspire an Artist in You!

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