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Join us to weekend regular art classes in Bangalore!

Pupils in Pencil and Chai were busy getting a color spectrum on paper!  Trees, Nature is being drawn with watercolors and pencils. We had new comers as well , see photos from our weekend regular art classes in Bangalore.

[psp_rs_article name=”Pencil And Chai” url=”www.pencilandchai.com” description=” “All art is but dirtying the paper delicately.” ― John Ruskin Pencil And Chai is focusing subject based life art session in Bangalore,we will be exploring different location in and around Bangalore.”]

We are trying hard to improve the session day by day the next step is taken which we will be having a demo session in first half & followed by practice session in permitted time.The demo session will hold the fundamentals of drawings as step by step method.

a windup session will hold the discussions which will help to share the ideas and improve the techniques of drawings/sketching.

Why Gurukul?

Pencil And Chai holding all our session with guidance of a Guru, this helping art aspirants to improve and understand the pencil/watercolor/and other mediums.More over #pencilandchai is creating a platform to meet up  for the like minded people.

Mix fun while you shade or mix colour. 

Visit our Facebook forum www.facebook.com/pencilandchai  for more photos of the session.

Join us to weekend regular art classes at bangalore, mark your RSVP on www.meetup.com/pencilandchai

Pencil And Chai FineArts Gurukul is aiming to motivate and get motivated,we always love to have like minded people in our sessions;if you are free & looking for a #ArtisticKICK on weekends we suggest you to drop into our sessions.

So what you waiting for? Join us to weekend regular art classes in Bangalore, Giggle & Scribble today!


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