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As you might have heard the quote “Practice, Practice, Practice till you succeed in your goal”, so you have to practice art more often! As practice is the key to master anything or conquering your goals.

There is no field in this world in which you can succeed without practising. And in art, you just can’t become an artist without practising! You have to practice art more often as the practice is not the thing which you can let go of.

Yes, you might be talented in art but to give that touchup to your talent, so that it’s not wasted is where constant practice comes into the role! Practice is the major parameter that would decide how much time you will take to become a professional artist!

When you are practising art regularly it might take you 4-5 years to become an artist whereas if you practice once a week, it might take you even 10-12 years to become a professional artist. So you have to practice art more often.

And for practice, repetit is a major factor, repeat the same subject again and again till you master it with all the detailing.

Now, a few quick tips for you to practice art regularly!

How to practice art more often?

  • Plan your schedule: You should always set aside your daily practice time with your other commitments and you should stick to your schedule and not skip your practice.

And if you will skip your practice then it might take time for you to regain the task which you left. So, remember to keep the time for practice in your schedule.

And if there is an urgency then don’t forget to take out extra time in the week to make up for the lost hours! And because of this rigid practice schedule, you would be able to make a subconscious routine and thus, practice art more often!

  • Organize your lessons: For practising anything related to art, you should always organize your lessons. And if you are a beginner, your practice schedule would be more difficult and hectic than the ones who are intermediate or expert!

As a beginner, you need to practice art more often as you wouldn’t know where to commence, so because you would practice art more often your fundamentals will get cleared and your foundation for art will be formed.

  • Carry your sketchbook: Practising art is not the thing that could be done in closed spaces only like sitting in a room. But art could be practised anywhere whether it’s your workspace, garden or whichever place you visit.

However, the only thing you should remember is to practice art more often, to practice art there is no bondage of a particular site. So, to not lose any opportunity, you should always carry your sketchbook.

  • Slowly increase your time: You might be having other commitments, like work, college, etcetera. So, you can start practising by taking out 1-2 hours per day and then slowly increasing your practice time.

As giving it a start is much more important than not starting at all, and your interest would also increase as the day passes by and slowly you would increase your time of practice as you should practice art more often!


Now, when you have set your schedule and repeated your task regularly, you would have got comfortable in your routine. Now, when your basics are clear, then you need to focus on what to practice more! As you should be clear about which area of art or niche interests you the most!

And getting a new area of interest, idea or concept as a beginner can be a tough task, so take it slow. Even if you paint the things which you can see with your eyes is the kind of practice which you need and you need to practice art more often.

You can even take the help of references rather than just using your imagination. As because of references, you can refine your style and experiment with your interest to find one particular niche in which you are most inquisitive.

The recommended schedule for the daily practice of arts is around 5 hours. And this would show a much better improvcement in your work rather than the one in which you just practice for 1-2 hours. So you need to practice art more often.

Practising daily would lead you to become an artist sooner as it would open your mind with a new perspective and make you even more imaginative with your skills. As “Practice makes a man perfect” you need to practice art more often to become a professional artist.

Pencil and Chai Fine Arts Gurukul brings to you all the amazing courses and professional teachers to bring out that creativity within you and to make you a professional artist.


Photo Credit: Antonio Francisco

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