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Revamp session revealed the secrets of Picture composition

Artist, Alessandra Bitelli said, “Developing a composition is a creative process involving intuition and thinking more than following rules”

Lemon, stress relief ball, water bottle, a glass jar, piece of cloth… we had enough of materials today for learning a new subject! Every sessions are improving day by day! Today, Sunday outdoor class was a  Revamp session revealed the secrets of Picture composition

Pencil And Chai Object Compsition Sketching Session109

Mentor Ashok embraced this simplistic drawing of Live picture composition

 Quality of education is our motto! So the Pencil and Chai Revamped the 60th session with modules. It had demo on how to draw a live Picture composition 


10:00 AM

Assemble and Assignment Talks

10:30 AM

Demo by Mentor on selected subject

11:00 AM

Work on Demo

11:30 AM

Chai chats

11:45 AM

Work on any interested medium/topic

12:45 PM

Corrections / Doubts

01:00 PM

Group discussion

Pencil And Chai Object Compsition Sketching Session47

Secret of Drawing were revealed by mentor Suresha .


How to kick start in a simplest way?

Always  a well composed drawing is half done! Very first, Choose a format, vertical /Horizontal ,

Find A magic number: Choose the different size,shape,type, material objects in a magic number  greater than 3 !

With the measurement of a smallest object in the given elements, start getting guide lines on your paper!

After that……….,

Shhhh…..! It won’t be revealed here! Rest all will be done in minutes of span our PACed members know! Else, Stay tuned on this page to know more !


 A word of  advice:

Keep practicing! It’s the magic stick in your hand 🙂

Join us on our regular weekend outdoor class to learn the tips and tricks to make your drawing beautiful 🙂

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