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LandScape Drawing Session At Nandi Hills

On this Sunday, the keen, enthusiastic young artist from #PencilAndChai – a group by Coloring India had a fun filled landscape drawing session at Nandi Hills.  There is nothing more fascinating, more enthralling, than sketching out of doors.

“Good drawing forms the ‘bones’ on which a strong painting hangs – Chris Bingle

LandScape Drawing Session At Nandi Hills

A bunch of drawers at Nandi Hills


LandScape Drawing Session At Nandi Hills

Coloring India’s branch PAC and PWATers heading for Drawing session at Nandi Hills





Pencil And Chai Landscape Sketching Session14

Pencil And Chai Landscape Sketching Session5 Landscape drawings !



Pencil And Chai Landscape Sketching Session10

We were trying to portray this beautiful landscape

Nature always inspires you.. So why Pencil and Chai conducted Landscape Drawing session at Nandi Hills.We were doing something creative on a clear day 🙂

Basically , while drawing the landscapes,

  • We were trying to understand what is near and far in respect to the horizon line on a 2-d surface.
  • We were learning Blending of pencil shades
  • Understanding the concept of a horizontal line
  • Judging Proper light and shades
  • Understanding the Perspective

We also had been to the Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple which is rich in the architectural base. But heavy rain was showering us to enjoy the nature after a blissful learning! We celebrated our Kurious Being Coloing Indian  Kurian ‘s Birthday in our drawing session at Nandi Hills.

Visit our Facebook link for more session photos.

Join us on our weekend regular outdoor drawings to improve & fine tune your drawing skills.

#ColoringIndia thanking to all 35 fine arts aspirants who has joined us on this Sunday to our wings #PencilAndChai & #PhotoWalkAndTalk, Thanks for your support and see you on next sessions.

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