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Sketching helps us in various ways from training our eyes to improving our skills, and books help us to gain knowledge and increase our wisdom, so here we will list the best books for sketching which are beginners friendly!

Books would help you in referring to your doubts and to improve and enhance your sketching. Sketching plays an important role in art, as it provides you with a perspective and books for sketching will help you in framing your idea.

And as your idea would be framed and you will get a perspective, you can implement it in a paper. And sketching plays a role while you are painting.

As because of sketching you would get a better idea of which colours should be used and where to use which tone. And books for sketching will help you out! Let’s first know all about the basics of sketching!

Basics of sketching!

A sketch is a rough representation or a simplified presentation of a living being, a thing or space. And in sketching, you majorly capture an idea, a moment or a figure on paper.

And for painting, there can be no better basis than a sketch and books for sketching provides a better idea for your sketching.

And for painting, the sketch can be viewed as a plan where all our mistakes are being fixed.

And because of our sketch, we would know how wide the distance should be, where the shadows would lie or how the proportions will look like. And when you take help or read books for sketching, it would enhance your idea even more!

As it’s always a good idea to build up a sketch before you start painting as your time would be saved if errors would occur at a later stage. And sketch would also act as a source of inspiration.

As when you look at your old sketches it would show you how far you came with the improvement due to learning and reading more from the books for sketching!

How do books for sketching help you!

Books for sketching are written by various professionals and help you in different ways. As they are much more experienced. And their books for sketching act as a source of light for the beginners who are starting their sketching journey.

Books for sketching help you in gaining more knowledge about various techniques which the professional artist used. It can help you learn those techniques and incorporate them into your sketching.

These books for sketching would also act as an inspiration for all the budding artists as they would boost their confidence and enthusiasm as a beginner.

And because of referring to these books for sketching from great artists, it would open up the mind of beginners for creativity as they would get more ideas by going through these books.

As they would see creativity and ideas for sketching everywhere, it would increase their imaginative skills too. Your various motor skills would be improved as well as your hand and eye coordination.

So, books for sketching have many advantages, so before starting your sketching journey, you should go through them!

List of the best books for sketching which are beginner-friendly:

  • Perspective art book by Milind Mulik: In this book, Milind Mulik mainly focuses on the technical aspects of proper perspective drawing as he deviates himself from his earlier works as an architectural illustrator.

And he has illustrated and written this book in an easy narrative style which is beneficial for beginners. In this book, Mulik majorly demystifies the difficult subject of art into an easy one.

  • Sketch book by Milind Mulik: The second book by Milind Mulik and a very pleasing one. And as many artists know the importance of sketching, sketching is the foundation on which painting is developed. Beginners would get to know various things.

As Mulik in his masterful way explains the use of pencils and ink as well as different colours to make sketches. In the book, you would get to know about the rapid, minimalist sketches which could be done in a few seconds to various elaborate studies.

Pencil sketches are quite dominant in this book, but it also contains quick colour sketches. For beginners, it’s very helpful in their guidance.


So, books for sketching act as a guide for budding artists. Every artist should refer to them and learn more from the experiences of these great artists!

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