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Watercolor Painting Course

Short Term & Certification

Our Professional Approach to Fine Art Education Untangle the Challenges Faced by the Art Maniacs.

We are Fine Arts Education providers and art seekers offering well-furnished art knowledge. We welcome art toddlers, lacking the basic art skills, and nourish them into an artist with our impactful inspiration and their interest in learning. We offer  Professional watercolor painting classes for the duration of 2 months on weekends along with the motivation to achieve more!


Fine Arts Courses | Watercolor Painting


Weekends 1:30-3:30 PM | WED & FRI 11-1 PM | TUE & THU 2-4 PM

New batch is starts on 1st & 15th of every month

Online Fine Arts Courses, Offline Art Classes, Best art school in Bangalore, India


» Design principles
» Color Theory
» Objects & Elements
» Composition
» Portriats 
» Artworks on Handmade Paper
» Assignments
» Course Fee for 2 months - ₹11500/-(Non-Certified)
» Course Fee for 3 months - ₹17500/-(Certified)
» Weekends - SAT & SUN: 1:30 - 3:30 PM 
» Weekdays Morning - WED & FRI: 11 - 1 PM 
» Weekdays Afternoon - TUE & THU: 2 - 4 PM  
» 2 hours per session| 16 classes| 8 Weeks
» Pre-requisites - Open to all

Being the most vibrant medium, let’s discover watercolor painting in a structured way. Learn fundamentals with the assistance of our senior fine artist Kavitha Jetty.

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Professional Watercolor Painting Courses by Pencil And Chai Fine Arts Gurukul


» Pre-requisites - Open to all who have completed Foundation
» Composition
» Detailed Landscapes
» Detailed Portraits 
» Artworks on Handmade Paper
» Assignments
» Course Fee for 2 months - ₹11500/-
» Weekends - SAT & SUN: 1:30 - 3:30 PM
» Weekdays Morning - WED & FRI: 11 - 1 PM
» Weekdays Afternoon - TUE & THU: 2 - 4 PM  
» 2 hours per session| 16 classes| 8 Weeks
» Certification - Offered(T&C Apply)

Being the most vibrant medium, let’s improve watercolor painting in a structured way. Learn different compositions with the assistance of our senior fine artist Kavitha Jetty’s professional methods.

Request for Admissions

We have flexible options to sign up our fine arts courses.

Schedule a Meeting With us

Schedule an appointment with our educators for a one to one counseling. We will help you to choose and inspire an artist in you.

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Why to choose Fine Arts Gurukul & What makes our Art Classes and Fine Arts courses unique ?

Effective . Advanced . Unparalleled

One on one teaching

We take only 10 students in a batch to keep the quality of each session. If you are willing to practice with our syllabus then you can feel the difference in terms of improvement.

Learn the core fine arts principle

Our art classes / fine arts courses are designed for anyone who wants to develop and improve their drawing and painting skills. We cover techniques such as portraiture, landscape drawing, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting.

Well experienced trainers

All of our mentors who mentor our  fine arts courses have graduated from worlds leading art collages & having over 20+ years of experience, they have strong academic background and our teachers exhibit their work internationally , and have appeared in various publications and programs.

Step by step

We are the only the center in Bangalore that the teachers will demonstrate step by step painting and drawing techniques along with our fine arts courses curriculum. This allows the students to improve fast.

Explore the mediums

We teach a variety of the mediums, such as Pencil Drawing, oil painting, watercolour, Acrylic, Charcoal, etc

Limited Batch

We limit the size of our classes or fine arts courses batch, and each class only holds 8-10 students. This allows our teachers to work closely with each student and provide guidance individually. Each student will be focusing on subjects that are suitable for their skill level and interest.

Chance to fine tune

We hold special workshops that allows out students to have the opportunity to draw and paint outdoors under the professional guidance from our teacher.

Helping hands

When you sign up for fine arts courses provided by Pencil & Chai, you are entering to a community which share the knowledge each other and make sure you are learning fast, Our #Chaichat sessions are specially tailored for it.

Show off your talents

We also arrange annual exhibitions in Banaglore  galleries for our students. During these exhibitions, we will have have an opening night inviting friends, quests, media, and private collectors. We will also promote our students’ work at our online gallery.

Easy to access

We are located centrally and conveniently. Since we take outdoor classes or fine arts courses this will be a relaxing environment for our students. Outdoors Gurukul allows ideas and creativity to flow, and for the students to express themselves.

What if I miss a class?

We may compensate 1 session in your term.

Do I get refunds?

As per our institutional policy, we don’t allow the refund. If you have paid the fees and will not be able to attend the classes, you can take a break by sending the mail to us. Read more on the refund policy here.

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Connecting Your Fine Arts Dots
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