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Hues of Watercolor 6 Painting Workshop in bangalore-Vasudeo Kamath

Coloring India’s Hues of Watercolor 6th Edition by Vasudeo Kamath – watercolor painting workshop series by Coloring India Creative Arts Centre, Bangalore.

It was an excellent workshop on watercolor painting and artistry for a budding artist who attended this 2-day watercolor painting workshop; Fine arts workshops organized by Coloring India. The Hues of Watercolor-6 watercolor painting workshop in Bengaluru communicated the professional stage of painting in an interactive and pragmatic manner.

Under the very senior veteranArtist, Shri. Vasueo Kamath, the participants worked on and taught about improving the painting skill along with the wonderful thoughts on watercolor medium throughout the session and left having made some real progress on their own plans for delivering best to the art society.

This watercolor painting workshop was total fun, interactive, very informative and energetic which considered as a life experience. Shri. Vasudeo Kamath is extremely knowledgeable and brought it to life with his amazing live demos on portrait painting, and landscape in plein air. The students were also lucky to have him seen painting the conceptualized mythical watercolor painting which actually made everyone stunned just not with its look but also with the thought process and the story which it tells through the colors on full imperial paper.

Very valuable advice from artist made the participants mesmerize this workshop. Much better than any other watercolor workshop/ watercolor painting workshop which an art student ever get and experience.

Day 1 and 2: Coloring India was fortunate to receive the veteran artist Vasudeo Kamath in Bengaluru for the first time ever. Hues of watercolor 6th edition, a watercolor painting workshop series  is commenced by the lighting of a lamp by artist Vasudeo Kamath, and the guest, Bengaluru Lalithakala Academy chairman, Shri. M S Murthy along with a master, great Artist Sadhu Aliyur.

Watercolor medium is considered as the best medium to all artist. It gives the instant effect which goes with your thinking process.  Shri. Vasudeo Kamath started the Fine Arts workshop by telling how sensitive an artist and art appreciator will be, to feel the joy of one painting.

Making a portrait will be a just head study, if you do not add the real feeling of the model sitting in front of you.

While doing the landscape plein air, choosing the subject and quick work goes hand in hand. Adding a philosophical, aesthetical thought, he tells what made him choose the subject for his live demo- “Vo ped, jeene ki asha nahi choda” where a fallen tree was still alive and keeping other small plants on it shining green!

In the 2 days of Hues of watercolor -6 watercolor painting workshop participants learned just not to improve on academic skills, but also to become a great artist delivering/contributing best to the art society.

Stay tuned to www.coloringindia.com for more Fine Arts workshops ;  Watercolor, Acrylic, Sketching & Oil painting workshops in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai!

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