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I never look at my watch when i’m sketching

i never look at my watch when i’m sketching


Sunday’s are commonly for take rest, but what if you are lacking with a creative element in your brain? The same regular work pressure and less creative atmosphere is giving you a less kick in your daily life then, you should search for a #CreativeKick.

#PencilAndChai giving you an opportunity to develop your creative skills, the community will inspire you to sketch. #ChaiChats are a healthy discussion session in #pencilAndChai sessions which gives you different dimensions of creative thoughts.

In fact pencil and chai is only community who promote weekend art classes in Bangalore for adults.

For myself Pencil And Chai remind to draw else the end of the week i will end up with guilty which i missed to draw this week but as soon as i reach into the session i forget every thing and I never look at my watch when i’m sketching!

If you are looking for a weekend #CreativeKick, then you should drop to Pencil And Chai once.



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