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Sketching, how to improve it? | Pencil And Chai

Practice makes Extraordinary

Boundaries which once seemed impossible and which you swore you would never be able to do. It helps you free yourself from the old edges and start living with the present ones.  Similarly as in the case of art, the more you practice the more you build. Sketching every day will definitely help you improve your skills and the progress is felt by the practitioner.

Every child is born an artist

We believe that every child is born an artist but with time the skills are ignored and forgotten. This inbuilt skill can only be showcased everyday sketching practice in order to brush up the skills hidden deep inside. A beginner in the art can excel in art undoubtedly with the habit of practicing.

Tips to fine tune your sketching 

Carry an art diary

Carrying an art diary and sketch down everything the interests and observations around builds a relationship with art. This improves not only the observation skills but also is a means of motivation looking at the progress made.

Build a target

Secondly building a target, achieving the target of sketching 8-10 different kinds of objects helps you understand the uniqueness of each shape and feel of the objects.

Find a guru

Thirdly the right guidance, it is very important to know that what you have been practicing is correct and how you can be perfect at it thus the advice sketching classes in Bangalore who provides you with expert guidance from the most experienced and renowned artist. It is a platform to learn, explore and excel in a structured and organized manner which helps you achieve what you have been loo Practice does not make a perfect art but perfect practice surely does.

Every ordinary man aspires and his accomplishment proves him to be extraordinary but there is something which is often considered unimportant but bridges the aspiration and success. Yes, such a thing exist and it is practice.

Practice-Practice-and Practice

Practice is the gap that keeps you wondering why your competitor is so much better and talented than you, it is the gap that drags you away from success. We believe that every human born is talented and accomplish his skills with perfect practice, it is this way that his skills create a difference between good and great, mediocre and magnificent. Believe it or not, Practice is the vicious friend dropping rude awareness on your path to achieve the skills but makes you realize the truth behind, the gap between you and your aspiration.

Practice helps you achieve your skills which you always dreamt off. Practice helps you use your skills and build them though not suddenly. It is a means which helps you to break the and guidance of an expert is highly valuable.

Need help?

Are you looking for the right experts? Pencil and Chai is a uniquely structured art institute provides various sketching and painting courses over weekends to build an artist in you. Walk in as an art aspirant and walk out as an artist.

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