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You might have heard the quote, “ Practice makes a man perfect” and to become a skilled artist, you have to put in your efforts and practice art regularly for years. Practice is the core element to become successful. And that is the reason, efficient, continuous and deliberate practice would make you learn things faster and would also keep you motivated.

But beginners easily get demotivated or discouraged when it comes to perfectionism. But look it’s completely fine! Because to learn every new skill take time and to learn art is definitely not an easy task.

Themost important thing over here is that if you practice art regularly and you would progress towards your goal.

Why is it important to practice art regularly?

Practice” is an activity that you keep repeating regularly. Practice is the thing we do consciously as well as unconsciously, like when you are learning a new skill then you are practicing it consciously but the daily activities which you do like eating, cooking, etcetera are the things which you do unconsciously. That is the reason, you are continuously learning.

Art is the skill which could be explored more and more with time and it just depends on the observation and imagination skills of a person. But a lot of people get discouraged even before they approach the concept.

So, to achieve an in depth knowledge and to improve your skills it’s important that you practice art regularly.

How to practice art regularly?

First and the foremost thing, which you should decide is time! How much time you are ready to give and want to dedicate it to art? And the next thing is dedication, that is, stick to your time schedule. The more time you are ready to give and spend it in drawing or creating, the more faster you will start progressing.

Preparing a schedule would help you keep a track on the hours you spend in your entire day, that is, on creating certain pieces and how much time you are actually practicing.

Artist block is the fear that artist might feel and to overcome this fear is the most important step to keep up with practice. Practice art regularly which could include sketching or drawing your instant thoughts or ideas.

It would help you in brainstorming as you are working on your rapid output, hence if you practice art regularly then it would be more helpful in making your imagination power successful.

Drawing real life things would be unarguably the most important thing you can practice in art as when you are seeing that object through your own eyes then the lines of your drawing would also be more crisp and you won’t be having any perspective issues.

When you are a beginner then just don’t jump into something too big or to the things you are unfamiliar, practice something small and familiar things as it would improve your skills and would boost your confidence of making something big and unfamiliar.

And remember, don’t leave your piece hanging, as completion of your piece should be your goal, as more often you complete your pieces, then more you get into your routine to practice fine arts regularly. And hence, your skillset would be much more developed.

How references can help?

References can be really helpful for the beginners. References are important because it usually pinpoint the anatomical aspects of drawing and as for a beginner, drawing from just imagination can be difficult task, therefore, when you practice art regularly, in the starting learn to draw from something.

You can change a bit of your reference as it would help you refine and you can always experiment with your personal style. As looking at other artists work would spark that creativity within you and give you new ideas to try it out yourself.

And when as a beginner you practice art regularly, then direct observation would be of much help, that is, drawing from real life. And this could turn out to be an easiest way to nail down your perspective towards art and would also help to speed up your learning process.

So, for your growth, practicing from real life and from reference along with your own imaginative skills as both are important to improve your skills as you practice art regularly.

Experiment with your skills:

Art can be fun to do but remember that it should be challenging too as challenges always helps you to improve yourself. Experimentation would help you to keep progressing and even it widens your skillset.

You can even check out social media of your favorite artist and see their progression even in different mediums and styles. As it would encourage you to do something new. But all this would be successful only if you practice art regularly.

And now, to practice art regularly, here are a few tips that you can follow to improve your art skills:

  1. Plan a schedule: Set a time to practice everyday. But stick to this time and keep a rigid schedule as it would help you to be honest with your work and everyday subconsciously you will build a routine for yourself.
  2. Organize your lessons: If you are a beginner and don’t know much about art, then you might not excel instantly and that’s completely fine. But being a beginner, you can draw anything and improve your skills. But to obtain certain skills, you need to go for lessons from a professional because you need to put more efforts into improving your fundamentals.
  3. Carry your own sketchbook: Keep your sketchbook handy, so when you go out you can draw real stuff and hence practice sketching or painting regularly. Even 15 minutes of drawing could be of so much help. Sketchbook can act like your scrapbook to keep all your ideas into one place.
  4. Slowly increase drawing time: To see more improvement, you have to give substantial time of your day to improving your skills and hence, if you want to achieve a professional level then you have to practice art regularly with increasing your time after every few intervals.


Without practice there is no success, in fact practice is the key to success. Be it a beginner or a professional everyone needs practice to improve their skills regularly. So just give it a go and practice art regularly and excel yourself!

If you are a beginner, Pencil and Chai fine arts Gurukul offers various art sessions and you can learn skills from professionals.

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