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Pencil & Chai 5th section @ Cubbon

Helloo Friends 🙂

Pencil & Chai 🙂 … We are happy to announce it’s  5th Section ! 

Since last time we couldn’t finish the  “Picture composition”

Mr. Lokesh is helping us this time  with his great experience… A great contemporary artist..

Have a look into his portfolio ! www.loke.in

Let us discuss & clear the doubts


28th Sunday by 10am-2pm @ Cubbon park. Lets meet at near the Central Library !

You Know ?

This section may be the last section before the 2nd conduction class ! So don’t miss it guys 🙂
Hoping to seeing you all….!!

RSVP: Rakesh Mahadik – +91 9019891407

Madhu Babu – +91 9945564279

Anup – +91-9632711700



 Slug it Out

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