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Science has proven time and again that fine arts, in particular, sketching or painting, enhances brain function. In fact, the sense of being drawn to painting is called, “embodied cognition. They also impact the consciousness and can change the whole outlook of a person. Decades of research have also proven that these arts help develop neurons that increase motor skills, improves emotional balance.

Benefits of realistic sketching classes:

You could gain some of these advantages of arts with a specially curated outdoor realistic sketching classes. With these classes, you can not only be outside, amidst nature, enjoying the cool breeze and the environment, but also enjoy some good old fashioned sketching. Better still, you can visit the most famous and luscious Cubbon park, located right in the heart of the city, also known as the ‘lung’ area of Bangalore.

Sketching outdoor aids our mental health, allowing time for quiet observation, and contemplation of our surroundings, and also improves concentration. Being outdoor also benefits our physical health and allows us to explore nature whether it’s a stroll in this local city park or a hike on a wilderness trail.

Outdoor sketching matters:

Cubbon park encompasses a huge variety of flora and fauna, with many historical government buildings, giving the park a vintage look. So what are these “Realistic sketching classes”, you ask? Well, it is nothing but sketching what you see with our trained masters. If you are a huge admirer of the different kinds of flowers, birds, and trees, then it’s an even bigger treat to your eyes!

Come take a stroll with us on Sundays for these realistic sketching classes.

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