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All about Sketching challenges for art lovers:

We have seen many artists taking up art and sketching challenges, and come up with new posts of sketches over their blogs or their social networking sites.

Sketching Challenges are a must for any artist who wants to learn, improve and challenge himself by sketching any subject of interest daily or every other day, weekly, etc whatever suits his schedule.  This can go on for a year, month or even as short as a week.

What are sketching challenges about?

It is a platform for an artist to learn and develop his artistic skills consistently. Based on the plan that an individual has envisaged, he or she can consistently work on creating new sketches.These sketches can be shared across various multimedia platforms, blogs and social media, attracting many viewers.

Most important facet of Challenges is the tremendous encouragement, feedbacks and comments that you will get.They can help motivate you to create more beautiful sketches, and the feedbacks from well wishers can help in improving your sketching skills.

Want to take up a Sketching Challenges, but don’t know how to go about it?Don’t worry, we have got you all covered.Read further to know more about it.

What are the basic supplies that you need for sketching challenges?

You requires you to have

  • A handy sketchbook that is easy to carry around, either big or small with good quality surface
  • Drawing pencils, a set or individual 2H, HB,4B pencils
  • Pencil Sharpeners
  •  Charcoal or conté, either sticks or pencil form
  • A felt tip pen of your choice
  • Erasers according to your specific drawing medium

How to take up Sketching Challenges?

To take up the sketching challenges, do not be ashamed of being a beginner and keep aside all of your inhibitions. Set time aside for your sketching challenges, either daily, every other day or weekly according to your own convenience.

Start to sketch, keeping in mind the subject of interest. After you have done sketching, post it over your blogs, websites, social networking sites and send them across to the people who might like your work.

Post them with relevant hashtags, to get your sketches across people who share the same interests as you do. Keep sketching, update and repeat.

Taking up challenges is definitely beneficial, but here’s why you should take up Sketching challenges:

While taking up these sketching challenges, many artists have seen drastic improvements in their sketching skills.

  • It is a medium of expression, and they can improve your creativity.
  • They can also improve other artist’s skills based on what you have learnt or portrayed in your sketch works.
  • It can help you develop positive drawing skills and habits, and make you want to compete with yourself.
  • You strive to become a better artist everyday and learn about your skills, grasp new skills and make more beautiful sketches.
  • Creating an own art group to join you on your sketching challenges will motivate everyone to grow and improve your art and sketching skills together.
  • Lots of people across the world may share similar interests as yours and may look up to you for sketches, in turn pushing you further to learn more.

Sketching challenges that you must take up :

Here are few sketching challenges that one must look forward to taking part, in order to bring out the best artist in you:

    • Inktober, held every october that is a daily/ alternative day/weekly challenge for sketching with ink.
    • Deviantart.com  offers daily drawing/sketching challenges for art lovers
    • Sketchbook skool has ‘Drawing a Day’ challenge
    • Sketchclub Daily challenges


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