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Pencil & Chai 6th Section @ Cubbon !

Hello Friends 🙂

Pencil & Chai 🙂 … Announcing it’s  6th Section ! 

Yes , this will be the  first section after the conduction class &  we are still having lots doubts!

Exams are approaching , Theory  assignments yet to finish !!!

So An advice from our senior  will be a good idea right ?, don’t you think so ?

Lets have a chat with Mr.Samjith Samz 

He is giving the tips on Layout Design ( Poster & Pencil), modern art illustration & water color ( if we have the time)

have a look in to his portfolio http://samjithart.blogspot.in

Let’s meet & chaat !


26th Sunday by 10am-2pm @ Cubbon park. Lets meet at near the Central Library ! 

You Know ?

The first section after the 2nd conduction class ! let’s gather  🙂


Hoping to seeing you all….!!


Rakesh Mahadik – +91 9019891407

Anup – +91-9632711700″ ]



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