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Pencil & Chai 9th session | Applied Design

Hello Freinds..

Pencil And Chai‘s 9th session on this Sunday @ Cubbon Park by 10AM.

As we discussed before- this time it will be a practice section. And we have chosen topic as  ‘Applied Design‘..
We will be practicing layout designing of a product which it’s been commonly asked so far in exams and stuffs..
Let us learn more and create a beautiful press advertisement
** Don’t forget to grab your poster colors,Brushes and other required art materials while coming..

When and where?

June 23rd  Sunday ,by 10am-2pm @ Cubbon park

Lets meet at near the Central Library !
Hoping to seeing you all….!!

RSVP: Rakesh Mahadik – +91 9019891407

Anup – +91-9632711700″ ]

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