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Sketching is important in art as it plays a role of a structure or the backbone for the painting. Sketching would provide a strong foundation for your painting. Learning to draw and sketch acts as paramount to your journey of becoming an artist.

Sketching would help you identify your style and would also enlighten you on various other critical aspects which is required during painting such as shape, form, light, and shadow. Sketching and drawing act as a key in the contemporary art world.

Sketching would help you exercise your hand, mind, and eyes and this activity provides various benefits which can be applied in daily life. It also has healing capabilities and cognitive benefits. And therefore, sketching is important!

You just have to give sketching a start, at first sketching would feel unnatural and uncomfortable as it includes all the brainstorming but as you ahead and practice hard, then you will fall in love with sketching.

Let’s further discuss about the why sketching is important!

Why sketching is important for art?

  • Enhances creativity: Sketching is important because it enables the mind to think in a unique manner, which also encourages open-minded thoughts as well as creativity.

And when you are doing uninterrupted sketching, it would lead to your personal development and problem-solving skills. And because of these traits, your critical thinking skills would improve which therefore produce new insights and creative thoughts.

  • Strengthens focus and strategic thinking: When you are doing sketching there are various cognitive and cerebral benefits. When we sketch, our brains work at a faster rate as brainstorming is done which releases endorphins which also leads to building new connections and pathways.

And as our brain has two sides, both sides are being efficiently used when we are sketching, as the right side for creativity and the left side for logical thinking. And because of this, it helps in developing the ability to focus and even think strategically.

  • Improves holistic health: Sketching is important as it aids in relaxation and stress relief, as while sketching we focus on the details of the environment which is indirectly the same as meditation.

And even spontaneous drawing or sketching helps to relieve stress as you don’t have to concentrate continuously.

  • Helps coordination: Our motor skills are developed when we are sketching and hand-eye coordination also develops. In sketching, instead of relying on the memorized drawing patterns, the artist trusts the movement of their hands which improves overall coordination.


Sketching is important before painting:

As when you do Sketching first, then it would help you distill it to its essence, and then you can figure out, how to communicate it to your painting.

Sketching is actually a tool that helps you to work out your composition. And you will have a better understanding of the subject of the things that you want to paint. And because of sketching, you can identify the important areas you want to include in your painting and you can bring the focus of the viewers in a perfect way! That is why sketching is important before painting!

And in sketching, you can quickly draw or frame the ideas on the sheet first and then continue with painting. You can even experiment with the tonal values and you can make a choice of selecting or leaving the items included.


It’s not compulsory to sketch before painting. But if you want a professional aspect and want to be an artist so it is much better to go step by step and frame your ideas in a perfect way before painting. And hence, sketching is important! But if you are just doing the painting for the purpose of a hobby then you can even go ahead with the brushstrokes and start painting.

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