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Bangalore Weekend Art Sessions – Pottery Town – PencilAndChai#113

Bangalore weekend art sessions!  Pencil And Chai are well known for its weekend art life sessions.This weekend we had the session at Pottery town to capture Lord Ganesha’s & life events in pottery town.

It is known as Pottery town- Kumbara oNi. All over the street there were huge idols of Lord Ganesha. Strewn broken pieces and also beautiful designs of pottery. All were coloured brightly, artistically which were confusing buyers.
The whole area was busy crowded with negotiations and finalising talks between the potter and buyer.! Honking vehicles and what not!

Yes! We Pencil And Chai’s Bangalore Weekend Art Sessions team went again to Pottery town this year, a week before the Gowri Ganesh festival.


We were all set to sketch the beauty and rustic scenario of pottery town.

Our mentor Mahesh was enjoying/encouraging the enthusiasms of students who were inspiring artists within them.

We Bangalore Weekend Art Sessions team sat in the 3 road meeting circle where we got the many subjects to sketch. Gesture drawing, still life, Lord Ganesha with different poses, and many more.

Here you can scroll few session pictures.


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