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Hues of Watercolor 3, A Structured Watercolor Workshop by Milind Mulick!

HUES OF WATERCOLOR-3 with Milind Mulick“ a 2-day watercolor workshop was organized by Coloring India, which brought smiles on the participants and they got to take away lots of knowledge on watercolor painting.

It was magical to see the brushes dancing on the papers and creating beautiful paintings!


Hues of Watercolor 3 the Watercolor Workshop flagged off with a warm, welcoming and an introduction by Meena Das Narayan, a renowned artist, director, and writer.

_MG_0223.jpg 2Hues of Watercolor 3 by Milind Mulick354 2Hues of Watercolor 3 by Milind Mulick348 2

Without much delay, we had a quick introduction with a great group from a variety of sketching backgrounds, and Mr. Milind Mulick started his unique way of teaching. All the participants enjoyed painting with the guidance of Mr. Milind Mulick.  Everyone was fully engaged – putting a lot of effort into the exercises, working to improve their painting skills, but enjoying themselves at the same time.

It was a lot of fun spending 2 days painting with a great artist and also gaining knowledge in the workshop. Watercolor paintings approach to landscape painting and develop and enhance their own personal style.

We also painted outdoor! The mighty UB City 

Hues of Watercolor 3 by Milind Mulick (41)Hues of Watercolor 3 by Milind Mulick (60)


The Milind Mulick style, is a nice textural approach when portraying cityscapes and landscapes, conveying the gritty feeling of paving stones and weathered walls with passages of dry brush and spatter was blissful to watch and learn. When working, Milind Mulick played in the painting to evoke sunlight and overcast days and also the shadows.

While in the workshop he explained about the usage of bold strokes, the flow of colors, simplicity, and transparency are some of the characteristics associated with good watercolor painting.

The budding watercolorists were happy to find out that magic touch of brush to get that wonderful characteristics on full display in paintings created by Mr. Mulick

Milind Mulick told that one can certainly paint well if they learn a few simple techniques and practice regularly.

Basic and pro techniques along with demonstrations which helped the aspiring watercolorist to acquire the necessary skills to create such work of art.

How to keep your palette?

Hues of Watercolor 3 by Milind Mulick110 2

Milind Mulick sir was explaining students about the Color Wheel, which will be helpful in arranging the palette in the right manner to get the exact color tones.

The watercolor workshop was organized into four sessions, which include Brushwork, Free and Loose style, Glazing, Subtraction technique, Wet-in-Wet 1, Wet-In-Wet 2, Wash, Outdoors, and Direct Approach and also variegated wash and then the final output.

One more thing wherein the HUES OF WATERCOLOR the watercolor workshop helped students were, to paint with reference photographs. A number of assignments provided so that the students work on them, enjoy the process of watercolor, and build on their painting skills.

In his workshops, Mr.Mulick demos and also he entertains and inspires students with a quick wit and skilled hand.

So, the successful HOW3 watercolor workshop was a package of exploring, experimenting and developing the watercolor medium with the great artist –Milind Mulick

Hues of Watercolor 3 by Milind Mulick_Group Photo

Hues of watercolor, watercolor workshops are focusing on delivering best watercolor workshops by the eminent artists.

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