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PAC SOA Session 16 : Introducing Colors

Another massive & lengthy session , aren’t we almost having a full day at Pencil And Chai !

According to Pencil And Chai member Sundays are more active days than other days, assignments worries are still there but we are taking the drawing books & pencil again and going back to nature, The purity of air, calmness, yes Yoga can be replaced with drawing session on Sundays!

Improvements on each sessions students are getting their own styles with guidance’s  of Suresh & Ashok Sir..We have introduced colour to few students who is good in  pencil shading.

Evaluation of drawings after the session given enthusiasm to our students and it is helping to increase the confident level in each students.

Birthday Wishes to Rakesh Mahadik, The bumps session is not happened, narrow escape for him..





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