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Pencil And Chai 11th session

Hello friends!

It’s been almost 10-15 days we couldn’t meet at Cubbon for the Pencil drawing classes ..

Well, PAC is back with it’s 11th session this Sunday (14th July 2013)

Pencil And Chai is happy to announce that we have got 2 artists as our permanent faculties..! So we can have a regular basis classes from now onwards and you can easily sync up with the artists and learn all secrets about PENCIL ART..

We are so glad to see our wings are spreading all the way with all your support-So for the better delivery (as you have informed before) we are keeping a Membership Card system which will be a transparent work to honor our Faculties..

So Art Lovers What are you waiting for? Come and Join us this sunday with the assignments(Tree Drawing) given to finish while attending the session.We expect you to shoot at PAC session with those finished works 🙂 Our expert Faculty Mr. Suresha will be with us to correct/guide..

Let’s meet & chaat !


July 14th Sunday by 10am-2pm @ Cubbon park. Lets meet at near the Central Library ! .

The first section after the EXAMS ! let’s gather  :). Hoping to seeing you all….!!

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