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Pencil And Chai – School of Art

Coloring India is proud to announce that Pencil And Chai has turned to PAC School of Art from it’s successful 11th session.. 🙂

As we learners need very artistic ambiance around us to draw and  learn-we usually selected outdoor-greenery location.. Cubbon Park always attracted us!

With the guidance of Mr.Suresha and Mr.Ashok we started a gurukul system of Pencil drawing class under a tree with the active members of PAC.. He will be our permanent faculty till a session of Pencil drawing  gets done.

Whenever you finish a very satisfaction art work for the day-You will be climbing up a rug on your self-worth ladder.. ! At the 11th PAC session almost everybody having the same feelings with them! We always believe ‘Assignments’- with very accurate and helpful tips are the stepping stones for the learners.. We have a best faculties with us now..


Hoping to see many members by next week.. 🙂



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