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Pencil & Chai 8th Section I C.Ashok

Helloo Friends 🙂


Tired/bored holding a pen and writing assignments? Well..But we don’t even have time to take much rest..! EXAMS are approaching fast.. Papers should get filled with carbon..! Time to hold your Pencils back..

So, make a first move with Pencil And Chai’s 8th session at Cubbon Park this Sunday (Tomorrow).. Mr. C.Ashok who studied BFA in Davanagare-*He is the same person whom we met in Last session .

Bring your all art materials at get a chance to learn more about Pencil drawings..

Let’s meet & chaat !

Where and when?

June 16th Sunday ,by 10am-2pm @ Cubbon park

Lets meet at near the Central Library !

Hoping to seeing you all….!!

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