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Today we had #2013’s last class, a great session held with only serious #artaspirants. We glad to see the community is growing into next stage with serious like minded art lovers.

Beginners and #portrait batches  is giving good output under the guidance  of  Suresha & Ashok Sir.

And today is the time to give the big #applause to the people working behind  #pencilandchai.

Gayatri Burde : The key person, dedication is her strength,she took #pencilandchai to her shoulder almost one year ago & still working hard to improve all sessions.#ColoringIndia thank you for dedication.

Rakesh Mahadik : Another Key person, he never missed a session yet,a true motivator & a great team leader .Without his support #pencilandchai won’t be reaching into this level. Thank you Rakesh. 

Our other founder members, Harini,Abhishek Pande,Manu,Pradeep,Sunil,Sandeep,Ramya,Vijay Kumar,Shruti,Nikilesh,Arun Kumar & Madhu Bala, Thank you guys ! 

Our faculties Mr.Sureha.K & Ashok.C, thank you sir’s, without your guidance we won’t be able take  #PencilAndChai to next level.

And finally Thank you all our supporters,your encouragements made us to work hard and we are committed to deliver quality sessions. We promise you we will deliver quality sessions with improvements.

Quality Art education is our motto !

Please check out our session gallery & don’t forget to leave your comments.

PS : Thank you Sreekar to celebrating your birthday with Pencil And Chai, we wish you a great year ahead.

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