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Pencil and Chai full fills its mission by conducting on regular weekend realistic art sessions. During our 94th weekend outdoor art session in the open ground of Cubbon Park students were learning the gesture drawing.  Models came all the way and posed for us!

When the session was announced the topic was to learn still life study.! Only the shower on earth changed our plans! And we were bound to see a model who followed us and posed for us to study ! The session expressed its appreciation to the models (street dogs) by sketching them quickly.!

Session brief: Tips from Our mentor Soman Patnaik , self taught artist. The joy of drawing gestures of a beautiful lady , a lazy cat, or a kid and wandering dog or animal,  is to capture the essence of subject in them . If you’ve ever been interested in rendering your drawing visually appealing? Try these

  1. Pick a good subject:

Find a interesting posture of character for your gesture drawing and focus on the movement ! Create the interest in the drawing by picking the subject wisely.

  1. Lost and Found/ Hazy Lines :

Start your quick fluid drawing! Remember, avoid using the sharp line to describe the outside edges of the forms. Make a very subtle gradation. Describe the forms without drawing contours or outlines . Don’t draw Equally firm edges.

  1. Mass drawing:

Show the mass,weight, motion in the drawing by drawing circles wherever it is necessary. Keep the of line of action in mind

      4. Don’t Fix it:

Keep flowing your hand and don’t stop to fix wrong move! Just move to next line!

  1. Practice, practice and keep practising 

The only mantra for the better output is to practice. Rush to nearby metro, Railway-Bus stations, Public places like market, mall, park and many more!

The 5 tips to make quick gesture drawing


The 5 tips to make quick gesture drawing


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