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We destroyed Him Today ; Literally !!


He sat down in front of us with many expectations, nearly 25 people are sitting and drawing his #portrait !!! It’s an amazing feel right ? 

Well what will be the sitter’s/his expectation ?

  1. All students will give him a #rebirth through the #portraitsketching ?
  2. we think he is that not narcissist to think, wow I’m getting 25 different portrait to post on #Facebook ? Yeh, I’m gonna fill with my profile this entire week with those pictures !
  3. Lot’s of expectations !!!! yes.. he was smiling in between …

Time went, almost 45 minutes and made him sit there ,any body can guess what happened there ?

Yes !! we trashed his expectations & given lot many #wanted sketches 🙂

But we promised him with in month we will give our best ! Trust us …

Please don’t confused with this story, Pencil And Chai – Fine Arts Gurukul is having it’s #portraitlearning sessions at cubbon park.

The class were filled with students & all were eager to learn without loosing the interest,#Pencilandchai classes always stimulates the artistic hunger in you, whenever it’s goes down 🙂

Join us for our sessions to get a dose of #artisticstimulation !

Stay tuned on www.facebook.com/pecncilandchai  www.twitter.com/pecncilandchai for daily updates !

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