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As the famous french artist Edgar Degas said “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” !!

Yes! This is one of the reason Why we got #PACed and making the difficult part turn easy! Connect us to hear more!

Pencil and Chai School Of Art turned an year old on it’s 40th session held at Cubbon Park last Sunday!

A revamp session was much appreciated from the students where we could let our hands go free in the air! art enthusiasts were very much happy to give a day for their free hand drawing skill where the the other session was learning the line drawings with a strong basic start..

Team Pencil And Chai thanks all of you for making our journey beautiful so far with your support .. We expects this to continue promising to deliver the better and best session from next..

Hoping to see more number of aesthete and so in our next sessions.. 🙂 Join us to giggle while you scribble !

Cheers everybody..!


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