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#PAC is always having one or the other surprises in it’s every session! Hurray! This Sunday it’s been an year already we have been #PACed  😀

Yes, on the 40th session of Pencil and Chai School of Art we are celebrating one year of successful drawing-learning journey!

From the time we started this journey we have promised to deliver the best and with all yours well wishes and support we could reach this far!

By thanking everyone PAC is inviting all of you to join for this Sunday for the free form outdoor art class at Cubbon Park at 10 AM ..

Get your sharpened pencils and other drawing kit and make your weekend productive by feeding your artistic hunger! Cheers

Hoping to see you all..:-)

RSVP: Rakesh : 9019891407

Anup: 7406 800700

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