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How to draw: So you think you CAN not draw?

Sometimes you have to stand on the edge where you are confused as to whom to listen- your heart who asks you to aspire to be an artist while the brain asks you to give up. Well, we ask you to listen to your heart always because we believe that every aspirant can be an artist and we give you solid reasons why?If you believe that you have tried enough and your drawing still looks wrong? Have this ultimately made you believe that you lack the talent? But if everything was so simple then we would have never been introduced to the puzzles, they wouldn’t exist.

Understanding drawing and art can be uphill battle but at the same time can be the road to your realistic art success as well as razor sharp creative mind.

Logical Domination

One has to understand that talking and drawing do not go hand in hand, talking and drawing is injurious to the quality of your art.  When you engage in talking while drawing your logical language dominates the left side of the brain which forces you to develop keenness on knowing name of the object, labeling it and organizing it. While learning to draw one should give up judging the object and guess what the object should look like rather should focus on how actually the object is. During drawing an object always bring your right brain into play where they see the objects realistic and are keen on the shape, form and spatial perception of the object.

Carrying out both the activities that logical reasoning and realistic observance freeze your mind and obstructs the flow of what you are doing. Being in a flow includes bring completely involved, focuses and concentrated with a sense of ecstasy and inner clarity along with a sense of serenity and intrinsic motivation. Flow is the uninterrupted mental state being completely immersed in the activity with energy and concentration.

Remember it is not impossible to talk and draw but can be performed only by and expert and with tons of practice.

How to draw

Our growing success is often shunned by our own internal beliefs and this can be dangerous in the life of an artist or for the one aspiring for it. If you think you can’t draw then won’t be able to, when to start to draw something realistic and it goes wrong your inner critic emerges. Once has to understand that all the edges in the drawing are shared edges and one cannot draw a line without it sharing the two edges. In drawing one has to move away from the logical labeling of the object from the left side brain trying to tell you how to recognize the object. It might sound vague and complete bizarre but this is why you cannot draw.  To see like an artist one has to make a cognitive shift from left brain to right brain if you keep engaging your inner critic it will fire up your left brain leading to the thought that you can’t draw and that you are not talented. This is why great artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Jackson Pallock drank a lot of Bourbon as it calms their critic mind during the days when art wasn’t appreciated.
Pencil And Chai is a community of fine artists who believe that just like any other activity one can develop the skills in drawing by understanding the basic principles of drawing and passionate practice. Like learning to write the same way learning to draw can be achieved with good fundamental instructions and a will to work for it.

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