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Structured fine art courses

Art has no limits and an aspiration to excel it gives you opportunities. We bring you another amazing opportunity, a 3-month art courses to brush your area of interest in art. This 3-month module will let you choose your area of study we offer and excel at it during the weekends. We bring you the most experienced artist to build your art skills during the 3-month module. To help you to develop and sharpen your art skills in the area of your choice with our structured fine art courses!


Perspective Sketching in Structured fine art courses

Perspective in the art can be defined as the representation of three-dimensional objects; on a two-dimensional surface to give a natural and realistic appearance. Choosing the 3-month module in perspective learning will help you learn the one point; two points; three points and multipoint perspective under the guidance of experts. Your dedication and passion for learning will help you improve your perspective observation and drawing skills. This art course of perspective sketching is highly recommended for the students who want to excel and explore in the field of architecture and design.

Human Anatomy in art courses in Structured fine art courses

It is the detailed study of human form, shape, and proportion. The 3-month module in Human Anatomy involves the studying line anatomy, the study of the human skeleton and the geometric shapes in the human body. The study of human anatomy plays a major role in sketching figure drawings and gesture drawings and portraits. Our experts nurture the passion of the art aspirants during the 3-month module imparting confidence and knowledge to draw. Understanding and learning to sketch the human anatomy along with the portrait drawing learning will help you improve and Sketch the humans better. We recommend learning the Portrait drawing along with human anatomy for better understanding.

Portrait Sketching in Structured fine art courses

Another lovely journey of exploring humans in order to sketch them better but this time more focused. The 3-month module of portrait sketching allows you to learn and explore the elements namely eyes, ears, nose,  lips, etc, a series of live portrait study and composition. Our professionals teach you everything the right way. This 3-month module will vanish your fear of being an artist and would improve your art skills. Our experts believe that studying and understanding human anatomy would help you to grasp the portraits better.

Landscape Sketching in Structured fine art courses

An artist is the one who never fails to draw his inspiration from nature; thus we have included the landscape sketching as a choice in our 3-month module. The landscape sketching would incorporate the rules of observation and the sketching of the landscape, along with shading the values the appropriate way. These short term art courses would let the students analyze the light and shadow and learning to stroke the right grey shade. The guidance of our experts will help you to acknowledge the importance of landscape and shades to bring out the realism.

Watercolor Painting in Structured fine art courses

An artist breathes in shades and lets out colors and thus watercolor is an important and the most loved medium by many. But are you doing it the right way? Want to know more about the magic of Watercolors? We give you the best learning in watercolor through our 3-month module which will take you to the amazing world of compositions, still lifes and abstracts. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow under the guidance of experienced and renowned artists and mentors. Shape your love for watercolors the right way.

Acrylic Painting in Structured fine art courses

Acrylic painting is the play of pigments in a solution of an acrylic resin which gives them a quick-drying property. Are your acrylics drying because you lack the knowledge to use them? We give you the opportunity to learn during the weekends with our 3-month module where our gurus teach you the rules to follow using acrylic and also helps you to explore by learning to use the same in Nature and portrait drawing along with cityscape and photography.

Leave the haywire world behind and splash your colors of peace. Pencil and Chai’s structured fine art courses – Short term will help you achieve your dreams. 


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