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Hues of Watercolor 5, A Structured Watercolor Workshop by Sadhu Aliyur

Coloring India’s watercolor workshop series, Hues of Watercolor 5th edition by Sadhu Aliyur was held at Venkatappa Art Gallery for pre-registered participants on 28th and 29th of May 2016. As our previous workshops, this structured watercolor workshop conducted for 2 days. The satisfaction for participants for being participating in the workshop all reflected in their paintings.

In this watercolor workshop, participants were learning the basics and foundation of Watercolor painting and how it is the great way to inspire oneself for getting more into doing watercolor painting. Usually, these watercolor workshop shows, even when looking at the artist’s live demos, how to understand the subject, color theory, and artist’s thought process before making the masterpiece artwork

In Hues of Watercolor -5 artist Sadhu aliyur was telling, why is it important for a person to doodle more than google kinds of stuff! The basics strong knowledge in drawing helps in creating masterworks in the color medium.

“Painting in watercolor is a deeply enriching activity. Even the best tools do make a great difference, but while as a beginner, go minimal. Try in the normal cartridge sheets or some 150gsm papers to understand the color pigments and the process of water medium” says the artist.

In 2day watercolor workshop, the artist had done quick 6 demos and a live Plein air painting of Karnataka Government museum. Also the live portrait painting in the watercolor medium.

Day 1: Basics and foundation on Watercolor painting, Making color blocks by picking the different quantity of color pigments, Perspective, color perspective, composition, color theories , how to use minimal colors yet make beautiful paintings through lots of demos and practice by students.

One to one interaction between the artist and participants helped to solve the queries, problems one gets while they hold brush!

Day 2:  A live portrait in watercolor, Plein Air demo of The State Archeological Museum (Karnataka State Government Museum Bangalore)

Also, budding artists went out in an open field around Venkatappa Art Gallery to paint the surroundings on paper as they see. Which later helped them to understand more on brush strokes, choosing colors, adding mood to the painting.
This watercolor workshop was interactive as participants received instant feedbacks and little tips and tricks to enhance their work of art. It helped them connect the dots between being an aspiring artist and becoming an inspiring artist. No doubt learning is an everyday, lifelong process but sessions like this just refresh, boost and inspire the artist in you!

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