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It’s true that at some time or there we all have tried to draw other people or self portrait drawing!! But even we would have teared up our drawing sheet while sketching Portraits just because it’s quite hard to draw?! In our 67th PAC session, we studied the fundamentals of drawing a portrait .

Well, Igor Babailov once said, “Even when you paint, you never stop drawing ” . So our Pencil and Chai focus on giving best to art aspirants that stays longer!

To make this work easy, this week We are back with live portrait drawing study session to improve our portrait drawing skill. Session was about drawing basic face elements which helps us to improve in our Face and figure drawings..

With the explanation of step by step methods to draw face elements, curves,lines to draw a the male and female head! Our mentor was helping us to solve the the difficulties we encounter in drawing the eyes, nose, mouth and ear, and the Pencil Shading, during portrait drawing

A key note we always get is, Exercises that we should practice daily to develop our drawing technique outputs..

Why Live portrait drawing study?

Pencil and Chai helps you to work together with other people to draw in real time! Live drawing always helps to watch and catch what you are seeing.

You will adopt your own comfort yet unique styles of drawing and many more.

To experience the same, Join us in our next live drawing sessions. You also get to giggle while you scribble!

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