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Over 10 art aspirants stepped away from their usual schedule and  came over the autum/fall field of Cubbon Park on last two Sundays to take part in the regular weekend Outdoor Realistic Painting Classes  conducted by Pencil And Chai.

Mr. Suresh featuring mentor of our group, inspiring and guiding the students to get their artwork done more satisfactory.

Gesture drawings, watercolour landscape painting, line drawings, shading were the few topic which students were chosen to learn.

The sessions had a great influence on students, where one remarked,  “I feel new sense of purpose towards drawing the realistic things live. I’m motivated to do more”

With the motivation from our mentors, a chance to interact with other fellow artists and likeminded aspirants enjoyed the Chai chat breaks, it was truly a good sessions to scribble and giggle. 🙂



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