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Gurukul Sessions

Texture drawing | PAC 76

By November 26, 2014No Comments

It is just not the latest graphic software, it’s your pencils and types of papers you use with your imaginations you can create texture drawing easily. In our 76th session, we studied the key points to draw the real appearance/texture of subjects.

While drawing, textures of some objects are very challenging. Like the water as it has movement. Fine detailing of skin surface,hair, grass and leaves or elegant quality of cloud, glass and metal. To make our drawing easier and more appealing our mentor @somanpatnaik was teaching the techniques for Texture drawing. 

Texture drawing study

Texture drawing study

Pencil and Chai gurukul art session aims for outdoor drawing sessions. Why not to take look around your nature on a clear day to get  inspired and fill up your canvas with more colors? In our previous session we were studying to draw the texture of objects .



0020Texture & Hair study #Pencilandchai

Students listening to the bumper to bumper stories !

How does texture drawing helps to give good understanding of your drawing?

  • When you want to show an executive you can easily show it with the ironed cloth he is wearing.
  • Waterfall drawings can shown with a foggy water effect where you wont find any hard lines
  • Sharp and shining effect will show the metal/glass appeal in your drawing
  • Silky hair will have more flow than the curly hairs

So, when you drawing the most important key is to observe! Our mentor Soman adds, When you observe more, you can absorb more!



We are the bunch of emerging artists!

Join us in our next gurukul session for outdoor drawing study . Let’s scribble and giggle 🙂



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