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If you are ready to pursue arts, we promise to keep you away from fool’s paradise.

People are a bundle of fantasies. Our imagination has no boundaries.

Channelizing abilities focuses minds. Art is the platform for turning visions into realities.

The challenge is how to make a living out of a full-time career as an artist.

After all, so many of us want to pursue arts.


Let’s have a ‘REALITY CHECK’!

It took twelves years for Leonardo da Vinci to paint the lips of Mona Lisa.

It takes years and years for artists to get recognized for their talent. Artistry has no shortcuts.

Pursue arts if you want to. It only demands practice, discipline and dedication. Practising art can either be a hobby or a serious profession. Most of us realize that hobbies do not pay as much as regular jobs.

Yet, the greatest challenge to pursue arts is being both an artist and a businessperson.

We are carrying this myth for a long time. Yet, many people pursue arts successfully. An artist who develops better skills is going to a sincere place.

Nevertheless, we cannot run away from the fact that it is a little difficult to wear both the hats.


Think twice before you decide to write your destiny.

You may want to pursue arts but there are challenges other than creating. Ready to face it all?


The paintings might be a reflection of your discipline but people do not know that.

An artist not only has to pay the bills but also invest in raw materials. You need to find the right application to earn you a living. Years of artistry may not take you anywhere if there is no evolution.

As a matter of fact, evolution takes times and so does mastering a skill.


As an amateur artist, publicity is the first step. Your work has to stand out from the rest.

Business requires lots of defences. Thus, you need to identify the right kind of market.


At professional levels, deadlines are given to complete a painting.

Art is a creative process and it takes time. In fact, people expect you to progress all of a sudden. Such conditions levels up the frustration.


Artists may not find interested buyers or relevant patrons.

One of the reasons might be poor marketing skills. It is not easy to condition two different fields at the same time.

An immature art buyer may not know the real value of art. Thus, it is very important to showcase their art in the right way.



Pursue arts if you are confident.

Due to the evolution of social media, people are selling their art through online portals. In fact, there are exhibitions to showcase the variety of talents.

It has become easier for artists to showcase their work these days. Yet, targeting the right market goes hand in hand.

Undoubtedly, if you pursue arts it is beneficial to excel in other creative fields.

If you pursue arts, the basics will always help you become better in your field, be it Graphic Designing Or Architectural Engineering.

As a matter of fact, a strong foundation will drive you to the best universities.


Want to pursue arts in one of the Top Art Schools in Bangalore?

Sampratishta by Coloring India Foundation is the first Art school to provide Diploma Courses for Fine Arts in Jayanagar, Bangalore. This is for those who have serious dedication to pursue arts.

Pencil & Chai provide free sketching classes. They also conduct painting & sketching classes on Sundays.

                  Yet, if you want to pursue arts, never forget the three keywords.

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