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PAC 73rd session | Wayanad getaway

By November 10, 2014November 19th, 2014No Comments
Wayanad is a destination with green landscapes surrounded by backwaters of God’s Own Country – Kerala. A perfect hot, or rather a cool spot for a #ColorInGetaway. On this trip, Pencil & Chai could get PACed by drawing while Photo Walk & Talk could let their pictures do the talking. So, we set out on a 2 day journey to discover nature and in turn discover our skills.On day one, after checking in at Villas, we headed to Karapuzha dam. The place is credited as Asia’s Biggest Mud Dam. Pencil & Chai immediately stationed themselves at the hedge to draw while Photo Walk & Talk clicked. After a quick tete-a-tete with the spot, we moved onto the next destination.Our next stop was a haven for trekking. A Padinjarathira Dam near Banasura Sagar; is a landmass which stood as a frontier as a lagoon. After lunch, we trekked for about 5-10 minutes to reach the top of the hill and found ourselves centered to many a green peaks around us. The spot made a perfect place for workshops for both pencil mongers and photographers. Mr. Soman Patnaik and Suresha took charge of Pencil & Chai with their clichéd favourite – Landscape. On the other hand Photo Walk & Talk practiced Focus Stacking, with Mohith, a senior PWATer drawing the guidelines.As time lapsed into evening with the sun set, we organized a campfire with songs and dance orbiting around the flames of joy. Color-In’s beloved Nizar took the lead in entertaining the crowd. After gigs, gags & laughs, it was time for us to get back to our villas. We left the place taking with us memoirs of joy.The next day could only get better, we headed to Soochippara waterfalls. The best was saved for the last. Our finale spot was all for fun. We kept away our drawing & camera kits and splashed into water. We jittered as we walked in taking careful steps holding each other’s hand. Embracing nature only gets better when we become one with it.

Like any trip, in the end, we had to pay our adieu to Wayanad. The place will always be a special destination as we had embarked on our first Getaway trip right in the heart of it. The moments and memories of the place will always be cherished with everyone who were part of Color-In’s first ever Getaway!


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