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Pencil drawing tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t want to draw/paint good pictures ? Pencil and Chai aims for delivering the same! The better you understand the techniques the easier it will be for you to implement them and experience it in real time! In the past two sessions #PACers were learning the pencil drawing tips and trick .

Very basic pencil drawing tips and trick, is the usage of a very small, fine and neat thin lines with a , quick and light sketch of a basic shapes of actual object makes your hand grip smooth and helps to give your master piece!  

In our last 69th and 70th sessions, line drawing of face elements , vehicles and gestures drawings with very less lines was keeping ours students and crazy!

You can start your Pencil drawing in much the same way as you see it live by choosing a point in  it.

Join us in the next art session and learn more! Keep scribbling and giggling!!

You must be the power of affecting a person to draw! As our Bollywood actor seeks for a #kick ,We art aspirants finds #kick in PAC weekend art sessions!

Cheers 😉


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